Lip blushing treatment

Lip Blush

Similar to the brows, Ace PMU also treats your lips with tattoo shading for a long-lasting lipstick-like effect. Lip Blush also aids your lips in achieving a definite silhouette with a suitable shade. Depending on your aftercare, the lip colour can be retained. The overall shape, density, and contour make a vast difference to your facial structure.

Lip Correction Treatment

Lip Correction/ LiP neutralisation

Ace PMU’s Lip Neutralisation service aids you in getting rid of uneven patches or dark spots on your lips as well as enhancing the natural colour. The procedure includes tattooing pigment onto the lip and achieving an overall uniform shade. The benefits of Ace PMU’s Lip Neutralisation also include uniformity in the shape highlighted by the lip colour as well as a smudge-free look.

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