Lash Lifting

Considering the eyebrows, lips and lashes are the highlights features of your face, Ace PMU also provides Lash Lifting and Tinting services. In the Lash Lifting process, we alter the natural curve of your lashes for a more gauging look. Now, this is done without altering the density of your natural strands.

The process consists of first preparing your natural lashes to withstand the necessary products required for the lifting process. Following that, Ace PMU’s artist uses a conditioner/bonding solution or both. That said, we thoroughly discuss the process beforehand to understand your requirements and the needed aftercare. We also discuss your allergies to eliminate the side effects as far as possible.

Moreover, the lift varies as per the strand strength and length. Since we prepare the solution with measured amounts, Ace PMU’s Lash Lifting process requires just the right amount without any residue.

If the solution is too strong or used in an excess amount, it can probably damage your lashes. Further effects like irritation, eye redness, skin irritation, blisters, and even dryness can occur. The aftercare for Lash Lifting includes two follow-up sessions where Ace PMU’s certified artist will guide you through the various procedures. However, we recommend you keep the lashes dry and clean for the next two days after the sessions. The average life span for Ace PMU’s lifted lashes is two months.

Lash Tinting

Unliked Lash Lifting, Ace PMU’s Lash Tinting deals with a completely different front. It repairs/alters the shade or colour of your natural lashes. Anyone with light coloured lash wanting a denser finish or even a deeper colour can opt for Ace PMU’s Lash Tinting service. Before commencing the process, we recommend you mention your allergies since there are various solutions in the application for the designated colour.

That said, this is a semi-permanent treatment with an average span of 1-2 months. You can opt for Lash Lifting along with Tinting or the latter separately as well. Your eyes will be closed for the entire procedure so patience is the key element of coordination.

People with tight eyelashes or the ones who spend a lot of time outdoors, wear contact lenses make for a good candidate for Lash Tinting. Since the process makes your lashes look denser, mascara is out of the picture and you are always ready to step out.

The aftercare for tinted lashes includes avoiding direct touch on the treated area, refraining from oil-based makeup/heat treatment, and no contact lenses for the next 24 hours. If the solution contains chemicals you are allergic to, the possible side effects include rashes, eye irritation, swelling, redness, and infection too.

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