Get Best Eyelash Extensions Service in Mumbai

Eyelash extensions

Ace PMU’s Eyelash Extension service helps you enhance the beauty quotient of your face in a rather sought-after process. Our artists attach customized eyelashes to the base of your natural ones. The strands are evenly placed and give the lashes a complete and adequately dense look.

Eyelash lifting

Considering the eyebrows, lips and lashes are the highlights features of your face, Ace PMU also provides Lash Lifting and Tinting services. In the Lash Lifting process, we alter the natural curve of your lashes for a more gauging look. Now, this is done without altering the density of your natural strands.

Eyelash tinting

Unliked Lash Lifting, Ace PMU’s Lash Tinting deals with a completely different front. It repairs/alters the shade or colour of your natural lashes. Anyone with light coloured lash wanting a denser finish or even a deeper colour can opt for Ace PMU’s Lash Tinting service.

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