Vaishali Microblading Microblading Eyebrows For a Youthful and Refreshed Look


Solution to every type eyebrows with Ace PMU’s Microblading service. Get rid of the pencil, freedom from the trouble of using the brow blade which needs extreme precision as well as quite some time in hand.

Combination Brows - Best Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Combination Brows

We carry the procedure manually or with the use of our special tools which are tailor-made for our Combination brow service. While the usual life span for this treatment is 1-3 years

Ombré Powder Brows

Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre Brow service also aids you to increase the density of your brow hair and the expected tenure is 5 years. It’s not only the least painful treatment but also gives your face a thorough finish which may not be the case with light brows.

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination

Ace PMU’s Brow Lamination service is a two-step process. The first one is where apply a specialized cream over your natural brows to separate the strand bonds. Post that, we apply another solution to strengthen the strands and form bonds to keep your brows

Get Best Eyelash Extensions Service in Mumbai

Eyelash extensions

Ace PMU’s Eyelash Extension service helps you enhance the beauty quotient of your face in a rather sought-after process. Our artists attach customized eyelashes to the base of your natural ones. The strands are evenly placed and give the lashes a complete and adequately dense look.

Eyelash lifting

Considering the eyebrows, lips and lashes are the highlights features of your face, Ace PMU also provides Lash Lifting and Tinting services. In the Lash Lifting process, we alter the natural curve of your lashes for a more gauging look. Now, this is done without altering the density of your natural strands.

Eyelash tinting

Unliked Lash Lifting, Ace PMU’s Lash Tinting deals with a completely different front. It repairs/alters the shade or colour of your natural lashes. Anyone with light coloured lash wanting a denser finish or even a deeper colour can opt for Ace PMU’s Lash Tinting service.

Lip blushing treatment

Lip Blush

Similar to the brows, Ace PMU also treats your lips with tattoo shading for a long-lasting lipstick-like effect. Lip Blush also aids your lips in achieving a definite silhouette with a suitable shade. Depending on your aftercare, the lip colour can be retained. The overall shape, density, and contour make a vast difference to your facial structure.

Lip Correction Treatment

Lip Correction/ LiP neutralisation

Ace PMU’s Lip Neutralisation service aids you in getting rid of uneven patches or dark spots on your lips as well as enhancing the natural colour. The procedure includes tattooing pigment onto the lip and achieving an overall uniform shade. The benefits of Ace PMU’s Lip Neutralisation also include uniformity in the shape highlighted by the lip colour as well as a smudge-free look.

Mole Tattoo

Beauty spot/ Mole

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